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What to Wear to a Dental School Interview

An interview is more than just how you respond to the interviewer’s questions. It’s about how you communicate and present yourself.

And since we form judgements on people within seconds, dressing nice and sharp is one of the best ways to create a great first impression.

Men should wear a fitted navy, black, or grey 2-piece suit. Suits are not made to wear off the rack. That means you should take your suit to a tailor who can make adjustments to your suit so it fits you. It's especially important to get some work done on the jacket, as well as getting your pants hemmed and tapered. Underneath your suit, wear a white or light blue dress shirt.

A study has shown that salesmen who wear blue/navy suits significantly out-sell salesmen who wear brown suits. And it doesn't matter who is in them. That shows how much our clothes matter! And if a blue suit works, then wear it every single time!

Studies have also shown that wearing a tie with a hint of red in it, and polished black shoes or brown shoes, also make a great impression!

Men should make sure that they also match their belt with their shoes, and match their socks with the color of their pants.

In regards to facial hair, it's best to be either clean-shaven or neatly groomed.

Keep jewelry conservative. Don't wear more than a watch, wedding ring, and religious necklace.

Women should wear a grey, navy blue, or black skirt or pant suit with a white or pastel button-down or pull-over blouse.

Neutral-toned stockings and coordinating dark-colored closed-toe shoes that are comfortable are important. If you opt to wear heels, they should be conservative and comfortable because you will be walking for hours during your interview day.

Makeup and jewelry should also be conservative. It's best to keep jewelry to a minimum and your makeup application should highlight a neutral, everyday look.

Because women may play with their hair as a result of the anxiety they face during the interview, some may prefer to pull their hair back. Otherwise, having your hair down is perfectly fine.





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