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The Founder & Team

The only advising team where you can work with a former member of the AADSAS Advisory Group, which helps run the dental school application, and former dental school admissions committee members - meaning you work with admissions insiders who can provide you with the proprietary strategies and insights you need to stand out in the admissions process.


Dr. Andrew is the founder of Predenting and was admitted to some of the most competitive dental schools in the world. He went on to attend UCLA's School of Dentistry. He spent years studying the admissions process and befriended admissions committee members to learn the secret formula they use to determine who gets accepted, and who gets rejected.

Over the next years, he created over 100 admissions strategies to get ordinary applicants accepted to their dream dental schools, often achieving 5+ acceptances. He then turned struggling applicants into massive success stories. By combining his strategies, skill sets, and team of former admissions officers, Predenting exploded in popularity. Today, Dr. Andrew and his team of former admissions officers and admissions experts have helped 300+ predentals get accepted to dental school, and have helped students receive scholarships ranging from $20,000 - $200,000+.

Dr. Andrew has also served as the National Pre-Dental Liaison and California Pre-Dental Chair for the ADEA Council of Students, Residents, and Fellows. He is the only advisor in the world to have held these positions with the American Dental Education Association. ADEA administers the dental school application, ADEA AADSAS.

Dr. Andrew was also appointed to the ADEA AADSAS Advisory Group, which helps facilitate the dental school application and make adjustments to the dental school application, AADSAS.

With these insights, Dr. Andrew and the Predenting team can provide insider strategies to make your application stand out and maximize your dental school acceptances.

Our Mission

Predenting comprehensive advising students receive approximately 4x more acceptances than the average applicant, and have received scholarships ranging from $20,000 - $200,000. 


And that's our mission - maximize acceptances, dream school acceptances, and scholarships for pre-dentals like yourself. All while being able to deliver those results at the best price, with the leading experts in the nation.

Our clients achieve extraordinary results because of the insider perspectives from the former admissions committee and AADSAS Advisory Group position held by members of the Predenting team.


We share proprietary strategies for standing out in the admissions process with our clients. That leads to Predenting students to consistently get accepted to their dream dental schools. 

We're here to help aspiring dentists achieve their dreams.

What Makes Predenting The Best Dental School Admissions Advising Service?

Nationally Recognized Admissions Experts 

Predenting is the only dental admissions consulting company in the world that has an advisor who has served on the AASDAS Advisory Group, which helps run the dental school application.

The team also includes the former Pre-Dental Liaison for the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).

When you choose Predenting, the team helping you also includes former dental school admissions officers. This means you'll be working with world-class advisors who are admissions insiders and know the dental school application system, it's intricacies, and how to stand out, better than anyone in the world. Having the best team guiding you is what will help you get dream school acceptances, and help you get accepted your first time applying.

Your advising team will also include former admissions advisors who have served on Dental School Admissions Committees, and received admissions to the best dental schools in the country, all to help you receive the highest quality advising so you get accepted to dental school.

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