The Founder & Team

Andrew is a former predental who went on to the most competitive dental school in the nation - UCLA's School of Dentistry. He spent years studying the admissions process and befriended faculty to learn the secret formula they use to determine who gets accepted, and who gets rejected.

Over the next years, he created over 100 admissions strategies to get ordinary applicants accepted to dental schools, often achieving 6+ acceptances. He then turned struggling applicants into massive success stories. By combining his strategies, skill sets, work ethic, core values, and team of former admissions officers, the company exploded with success. Today, Andrew and his team of former admissions officers have helped transform over 100+ predentals' lives across 6 countries, and have helped students receive scholarships ranging from $40,000 - $300,000+.

Andrew was also elected as the National Pre-Dental Liaison and California Pre-Dental Chair for ADEA COSRF. He is the only advisor in the world to have held these positions with the American Dental Education Association. ADEA administers the dental school application, ADEA AADSAS.

Our Mission

We see the dental school admissions process like a complex math equation. You input the right strategies, tactics, and influence into your application, and you receive a calculated result.

That's why we spend nearly nothing on advertising, and instead use those resources to hire the best team (including former admissions officers), and constantly test our strategies. All while being able to deliver our service at the best price, with the top experts in the nation.

We don't gain priceless insights and hold them hostage, but give them away to our students instead, and give them access to our team of former admissions officers.

We're here to help aspiring dentists achieve their dreams, so they can transform their life, their family's life, and the lives of future generations.

What Makes Predenting The Preeminent Dental School Admissions Advising Service?

Nationally Recognized Admissions Experts 

Predenting is the only admissions company in the world that has an advisor who is the National Pre-Dental Liaison for the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). ADEA is the governing body over all 76 dental schools in the US and Canada, and facilitates the ADEA AADSAS and ADEA PASS applications for applying to dental school and dental speciality programs.
When you choose Predenting, the team helping you also includes former dental school admissions officers. This means you'll have a World Class Advisor who is an admissions insider and knows the ADEA Dental School Application system, it's intricacies, and how to stand out, better than anyone in the world. Having the best team and the one-and-only ADEA National Pre-Dental Liaison is what will give you the best possible chance of getting accepted into dental school, and into the best programs

Your advising team will also include former admissions advisors who have served on Dental School Admissions Committees, and received admissions to the best dental schools in the world, all to help you receive the highest quality advising so you get accepted to dental school.

Us vs. Them:
What Makes Predenting Different

Predenting was founded by an actual dental school insider with years of successful advising, and we're able to provide proprietary strategies and insights from actual dental school admissions teams because of that. That means you'll get quality and strategic advising that you can't get elsewhere. And it will yield you the best results - acceptances.
  Predenting                                                 vs.                              Other Advising Firms


​- Has been admitted to multiple top-7 dental schools

- Is a National ADEA COSRF Liaison

- Has served on an admissions committee


100% of Comprehensive Clients Accepted (Results for Class of 2024)

24/7, 365 ACCESS

You'll have 24/7, 365 access to your mentor by call, text, email, or video chat. We never limit the amount of time we spend per client per week. 


Your consultant provides our proprietary principles and strategies, and works with you to apply them based on your unique circumstances.


- Money-back guarantee

- Satisfaction guarantee


- Has never applied to dental school

- Primarily works in a non-dental related industry

- Has no connection to dental schools


Typically inaccurate


You'll typically be allocated one, 1 or 2 hour call or email session per week to have your questions answered. That's it.


Your consultant provides generic directions and assigns tasks for you to complete in isolation. 


- Typically, no guarantees

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