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Dental school mock interview

The Best Way To Ace Your Dental School Interview. Period. 

Mock Interviews with Dental School Interview Experts

There's no better way to ace your dental school interview than by getting coached by interview experts.
Get mock interviews with constructive feedback from a dedicated interview coach so you win your dental school interview.


Practice with 200+ Actual Dental School Interview Questions

Access our 200+ actual dental school interview questions, including MMI and PBL interview questions.

We'll provide you with interview questions that are specifically from the school you're interviewing at... Just another benefit of teaming with Predenting's dental admissions insiders.
Learn what admissions officers are looking for in each question, and the best ways to prepare for every scenario.

Turn Your Anxiety into Confidence and Enthusiasm

Learn our proven methods to turn your interview anxiety into ​passionate enthusiasm and excitement, so you impress your interviewers.

Answer Any Question, Perfectly
Master our interview answering structure to answer any interview question concisely and effectively on the fly.
We integrate the best strategies into your answers to show you are the perfect fit for each dental school you're interviewing at.

Turn Your Interview Invitation Into an Acceptance

Use your new dental school interview abilities to score higher on your interview than your competition, and secure your acceptance.


"The most reliable way to turn a dental school interview into an acceptance..."

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Allow me to introduce myself... 

Hi, I'm Andrew! CEO and founder of Predenting

Advised hundreds of predentals on their interviews, personal statement, and application & featured in university newsletters for dental school admissions
Accepted to top-7 dental schools in the world. Matriculating at UCLA's School of Dentistry.

The only admissions advisor in the world who has been an ADEA National Pre-Dental Liaison (One position in the world)

Helping pre-dentals get accepted to dental school for 4+ years with a team including former admissions officers

My promise to you is that I'll help make you an undeniable applicant so you get accepted to dental school, like I have for so many others.

See What Past Predentals Are Saying About Our Dental School Interview Coaching

“I got an interview at my dream dental school and contacted Predenting. Working with Andrew and Chris really helped me to become more confident in answering interview questions. Their one-on-one coaching helped prepare me for any and all types of questions that I may be asked during my interview. Through their coaching I was able to enter my interview with confidence and I was just admitted to my top school.
I would highly recommend Predenting for anyone applying to dental school! Working with the Predenting team was a truly great experience!"

Andrew Surya
Buffalo School of Dental Medicine


Lillian H.
NYU College of Dentistry
5 acceptances

"Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with a different company that offered admissions advising before finding Andrew. I owe my acceptances to Andrew and want to recommend him to anyone who wants help with their interviews! He helped me and I couldn’t be more thankful. I don’t think I would have gotten the results I did without his help. He is friendly, patient, and an expert on the admissions process.


He’ll guide you through the entire process! With his help I got 5 acceptances!"


“I received an interview invite and reached out to Predenting for help because I was unsure of the interview process and wanted to feel completely confident before the big day. The help I received from Predenting was truly invaluable for my interview. I was able to get coached 1-on-1 on how to best answer tough questions that could be asked, was given tips that would make me stand out, and every question I had about what to expect was clearly answered. I felt really confident and excited for my interview. At my interview I was able to answer every question clearly and confidently thanks to Andrew, and even was asked a specific, challenging question that he had coached me on.
I would recommend this service to anyone who has received an interview, as I was prepared to present myself in the best way possible at my interview thanks to the help and advice I received through Predenting!”

Kathryn P.

UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry 


Our Interview Coaching Has Gotten Pre-Dentals Just Like Yourself Accepted to These Schools, and Many More...


Ready to Turn Your Interview Invitation Into An Acceptance? 

Interview Strategy Advising
Mock Interviews
Perfect interview answer development, scripting, and "creative framing"
Access Interview Questions Unique to the School You Interview At
Practice with 200+ dental school interview questions
Learn to diminish your interview anxiety

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