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Perfect for anyone who wants to comprehensively learn the art and science of the dental school interview from an expert interview coach and go into their interview with full confidence.


With this package, you'll get:


*This package includes a total of 4 hours of interview coaching. While we have found the time allocation provided below to work well for most people, you can allocate the 4 hours to focus on different aspects of the interview, as you desire.


  • Work 1-on-1 with a dental school interview expert to frame your answers in the best possible light to showcase your unique candidacy.
  • Practice with 200+ interview questions that have been sourced from actual dental school interviews.
  • Interview answer development, scripting, and "creative framing."
  • Learn proven ways on how to channel your interview anxiety into excitement to show interviewers your confidence and passion. 
  • Learn the keys to winning any interview.
  • Learn what dental school interviewers are really probing for with each question (Hint: there is a right answer!)
  • Get access to over 200 actual dental school interview questions, including MMI and PBL questions.
  • Mock interview with feedback and critiques
  • Learn how to win MMI, PBL, 1-on-1, 2-on-1, faculty, and student interviews.

Interview Gold Pack - 4h

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