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Write An Extraordinary Personal Statement

Learn to write a personal statement that grabs the admissions reps attention, engages them in your story, and lands you an interview!

Have You Ever Felt Overwhelmed Writing Your Personal Statement?

You know what I'm talking about...

It’s the one essay that can make or break your future…


And when you’re writing your personal statement you realize that writing is an easy skill... but a personal statement is much more than just writing.

You have an idea for your personal statement...

You have a vision...

But you can't get it down on paper. 


And when you give what you have written to your friend to read, they say "it's good." But you know it's not good enough and that they're just supporting you because it's the “nice” thing to do.


And that’s besides the fact that they haven’t successfully influenced 30+ dental school admissions committees to invite them for an interview through writing a dental school personal statement…


That’s why we have experts on the Predenting team who are specialized in writing outstanding dental school personal statements...


So you can be assured that you submit a phenomenal personal statement that expresses how you are one of the most qualified dental applicants.

And so you can submit your application with the peace of mind knowing that you'll get dental school interview invitations in no time.

Hey there, I'm Andrew and I'm the founder of Predenting. My mission is to help pre-dentals get into their dream dental school effortlessly by using the strategies for admissions success that I've created over the years.

Get guided by a mentor who can teach you the winning formula to ensure you don't make the same mistakes that leave even the most qualified applicants without any acceptances.


My promise to you is that I'll provide you with the keys to a winning personal statement AND guide you along the way until you have your final personal statement that helps make you an undeniable applicant.


I highly recommend Predenting if you want to succeed in your dental school application process! I am very thankful for all the advice and guidance I received. I remember how frustrated I was when I started filling my application; I thought I wasn’t going to get an invitation that cycle, well, I contacted Andrew, and since the first call, I realized they want you to succeed. So far, I have received 12 interview invitations! My first interview invitation was from my dream school, and that is because of you, so I am very grateful for that!


- Aldo, US First-Time Applicant

The Predenting Personal Statement Advantage

While every other admissions service simply reads your essay and gives minimal feedback, we don't believe that sets you up for success. We coach with one goal in mind - to leave the reader wanting to meet you - an interview!
Educate you on what takes a personal statement from good to great
Guidance and feedback at each stage of the process, at a pace set to accommodate you
Discover your experiences and passions to write an engaging story that captivates the reader
Teach you what the admissions team is looking for in the essay (hint: There is a right answer)
Outline, organize, and structure your essay to flow smoothly
Provide reviews and revisions for grammar, style, and wording until you know you have a winning essay
Now that's value nobody can beat
(and nobody else offers).
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Personal Statement Review Packages


Essay Reviews, Revisions, and Edits

1-on-1 expert brainstorming to develop your story

Advice on flow of ideas and organization of your essay

Suggestions on what to highlight and what to exclude from your essay (red-flag analysis)

Recommendations on the use of alternative words and grammar styles

Extensive structure & organizational review

Text or call your mentor as questions come up while you write

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