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Get in on the admissions secrets that pre-dentals are using to beat their competition and successfully get accepted to dental schools, regardless of their GPA and DAT

"Imagine An Easy Way To Master Every Step Of The Admissions Process To Get Accepted to Dental School Regardless Of Your Situation..."

(And You Only Pay A FRACTION Of The Cost!)

Have You Ever Felt Like The Odds Are Stacked Against You? 

You know what I'm talking about

You've been putting in countless hours studying for Organic Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and the DAT, but there's always the other students who get the outstanding grades.

But you also know there are other parts of the dental school application that matter, like the personal statement. 


But when you get to writing your personal statement you realize that writing is an easy skill, but a personal statement is much more than just writing.


It's about influencing the admissions committee that you're the top-1% of applicants, despite not having a top-1% GPA or DAT.

So you get an idea for your personal statement...

You have a vision...

But you can't get it down on paper. 

So you take a break and then start choosing what schools you should apply to...

But there are over 65 schools, and each have different visions for who their ideal candidate is.


And each have their own requirements and restrictions. So that just complicates things even more and adds an additional layer of stress.

So do you just throw a dart in the dark at 20 schools and hope for the best?  

Let's say you do... then you get thrown a bunch of supplemental essays. And by now you're so overwhelmed with your responsibilities and everything else that things only get more hectic.

Simply stated, successfully navigating the dental school admissions process is daunting and difficult.

Finally... a course that gives you the tools, strategies, and tricks you need to get accepted to dental school your first time applying, regardless of your situation. 

Introducing the Predenting Masterclass... 

Module 1: How To Write The Perfect Personal Statement

Get Guidance To Write An AMAZING Personal Statement That Grabs The Readers Attention And Compels The Admissions Officer To Invite You For An Interview... so you can ultimately beat your competition and get accepted!

Module 2: How To Select The Right Schools To Apply To

We'll give you the resources, tools, and strategies that you need to quickly and easily Identify the Perfect "Target," "Reach," and "Safety" Schools to apply to based on your circumstances, so you don't waste time and money applying to schools with the wrong fit and requirements. 

Module 3: How To Write Supplemental Essays That Will Get You Interviews

Get in on the admissions secrets that pre-dentals are using to beat their competition and successfully get accepted to top dental schools, regardless of their GPA and DAT

Module 4: How To Ace Your Dental School Interviews

Get dental school interview coaching by experts so you know that your acceptance is secured as soon as you receive an interview invitation. We'll provide actual dental school interview questions, sample answers, and strategies that allow you to effortlessly answer any question, so you impress the interviewer, stand out, and get accepted.

BONUS Module: How To Easily Get Outstanding Letters of Recommendation

Learn how to easily get professors, dentists, and researchers to write outstanding letters of recommendation on your behalf, so the credibility of your application skyrockets and you get more interview invitations

See Why Predentals Trust Andrew's Admissions Strategies

Andrew has a track record of helping predentals get into the dental school of their dreams. Here is what just a handful have to say about him…

Disclaimer: If it's the last mile you need in order to make a decision, we can provide you the contact information for our reviewers. Please respect their time.

"I highly recommend Predenting if you want to succeed in your dental school application process! I am very thankful for all the advice and guidance I received from Andrew and his team. I remember how frustrated I was when I started filling my application; I thought I wasn’t going to get an invitation that cycle. So far, I have received 13 invitations to interview! My first interview invitation was from my dream school, and that is because of you, so I am very grateful for that! The interview coaching is fantastic too! They prepare you well enough to go into the room and answer any question; they make you feel confident and ready. Thank you very much Predenting for saving me money and time!"

- Aldo Segui, US First-Time Applicant
Dental School Acceptances: 8

 "Andrew is a strategic critical thinker who made sure that everything was framed perfectly in my application to portray me as the most qualified applicant. He helped me with the supplemental essays, personal statement, interviews, and taught me his strategic tips. With his help I got interviews to my three top dream dental schools: USC, Detroit Mercy, and Minnesota. Thank you for helping me so much by guiding me step by step through each step of the application process, being so patient, and listening to what I need. Your experience made you beyond helpful and this was the right investment for my future. I am so happy I found you." 

- Lauren H, Canadian Non-Traditional Applicant
Dream School Acceptances: 5

 "My GPA made me worried that I wasn't going to get accepted to any dental schools because my university advisor told me that I didn't have a chance and that I should take 2 gap years to complete a Master's degree or Post-Bacc and bolster my résumé and shadowing hours before applying. I didn't want to take 2 years off, so I gave Andrew's strategies a shot and I ended up with 7 interviews and 6 acceptances, including an acceptance to my dream school, UCSF. Andrew is a phenomenal person first, and then an excellent mentor, who is a master of ethically influencing admissions committees to view you as the perfect applicant."  

- Evan Lapony, US First-Time Applicant
Dream School Acceptances: 7

 "Andrew is a genius... he has the ability to turn the average person into the most sought-out applicant in the eyes of admissions officers by articulating uniqueness and influence through his ethical strategies." 

- Will Nguyen, US Non-Traditional Applicant
Dream School Acceptances: 4

"I have never written a review for anything, no matter how much I benefitted from it, but this time it was a must! Predenting was a blessing during my dental school application. I was reluctant to pay thousands of dollars just for some application help, until I found Predenting, an affordable and amazing resource. Applications can get really hectic especially when it comes to writing the personal statement, and that's what got me to seek Andrew's help. I can vouch for his immense level of concern and willingness to help pre-dental applicants, as he provided me with a lot more assistance than what I paid for. Apart from just helping me structure the personal statement, he more than willingly answered any general questions I had regarding the application, what schools to choose, interviews, and the best part of it all was that he gave me a complimentary detailed interview coaching session, which really helped during the actual interviews...The way he guided me through this entire application process was something I was not expecting to get at such a reasonable cost. I truly thank Andrew and his team for their help, and having used these services, I highly recommend Predenting to all the pre-dental students out there. Trust me, you won't regret!"

- Sana Zafar, Canadian Applicant

Satisfaction & Performance Guarantee: 100% performance and satisfaction, 15-day guarantee, if you can’t honestly state that your application, in its entirety, is more strategic, influential, unique and outstanding. If you don’t enjoy results that good or better within the first 15 days of using our service, we don’t deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full, on-the-spot refund anytime you decide.

Everything You Get With Your MASTERCLASS Today!

Personal Statement - Personal Statement Builder ($1999 Value)

School Selection - School Selector Tool & Matching Strategy ($549 Value)

Supplemental Statements - Supplemental Strategies & Tools ($1999 Value)

Interviews - Strategies, Tactics, Question Bank, Perfect Answers ($1899 Value)

Letters of Recommendation - Templates & Strategies For LORs. ($499 Value)

Personal Statement Reviews - 2 Free Personal Statement Edits ($349 Value)


Predenting Exclusive Member Community (Priceless...)


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$997 reflects pre-sale.

Expected launch date: April 1, 2020

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button above and we can finally get started on getting your acceptances to dental school, in less time and effort, and with greater results.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


I will never let you down,


P.S. This December, you can be nothing more than a few months older, or you can be celebrating your acceptances to dental school and have the peace of mind knowing that you'll never have to waste years of your life re-applying.

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

What guarantees do you offer?

If, within the first 15 days of using our service, you can honestly say to yourself that you did not learn new strategies that will increase your chances of acceptance, and if I can’t honestly produce those outcomes for you, then I don’t think I deserve to keep your money, and I’ll send it back.

What percentage of Predenting users get accepted to dental school?

We take great pride in being the only verified dental school admissions consultancy with a 100% acceptance rate. Our proprietary knowledge, industry networks, and team have years of experience that give our clients a unique tactical advantage.

How is the Masterclass different from the Comprehensive Packages?

Our Masterclass allows you to gain the advantage of our strategic and tactical advising at a go-at-your-own pace online course. If you're looking for one-on-one advising that allows our experts to cater to your specific case, you can check out our comprehensive coaching.

Do I have to be in LA for 1-on-1 Coaching?

While we do offer in-person coaching in Los Angeles, the majority of our clients come from all over the US and Canada. We use Skype and Zoom for coaching sessions so that you can keep a recorded conversation and have access to our experts without long-distance call fees. 

Will the Masterclass ever expire?

Our Masterclass course expires within 90 days of purchase. Extensions can be granted on a case-by-case basis. If you need an extension, just let us know via email or our website's chat function!

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! Andrew and the Predenting team are available to answer your questions by e-mail, text, or call, all to make sure you get expert guidance and get accepted to dental school you're first time applying!

How do I get started after purchasing the Masterclass?

After purchasing the Masterclass, you will receive an e-mail that will provide your instructions on how to access the course content.

Do you offer hourly advising?

Yes! We offer hourly advising, with an initial minimum purchase of three (3) hours. After that, additional hours can purchased in increments of one (1) hour. If you want to benefit from a more holistic, more intensive advising approach,  check out our comprehensive packages.





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