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How Do We Get Dental Applicants Accepted Regardless of GPA & DAT...?

How Exactly Do We Get Predentals Accepted To Their Dream Dental Schools?

Outstanding Personal Statement

Strategic Application

Predenting Is The #1 Application and Interview Coaching Service For Predentals 

Yes, Predenting was created so that predentals like you, who aren't admissions experts, can easily get multiple first-round acceptances to great dental schools.
Let me show you how it works:

Interview Invitation

Win The

Write An Engaging And Unique Personal Statement That Influences The Admissions Officer To Invite You For An Interview

Strategically Answer Supplementals To Show Each School's Admissions Officer That You're The Perfect Fit 

Ace The Dental School Interview And Get Accepted To Dental School!

Accept Your Offer

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Predenting Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!

Yes, Predenting Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Write A Winning Personal Statement, Choose Schools To Apply To, Write Interview-Generating Supplemental Essays, Ace Your Interview, And Get Accepted To Dental School

Simple Steps To Writing A Creative AND Engaging Personal Statement!
Quickly Choose The Perfect Schools To Apply To Based On Your Extracurriculars and Profile

Easily ​Write Supplemental Statements That Show You're Their Perfect Candidate!

Ace The Dental School Interview So You Get Accepted To Dental School Your First Time Applying!

Craft A Personal Statement That Stands Out

Craft An AMAZING Personal Statement That Grabs The Readers Attention And Compels The Admissions Officer To Invite You For An Interview... so you can ultimately beat your competition and get accepted!

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Write Interview-Generating Supplemental Essays

Write engaging supplemental essays that are designed to show the admissions committee that you're the perfect fit, and turn you from an “applicant” into a highly desired "interviewee."

Master The Dental School Interview

Get paired with a team of admissions experts and interview coaches to ensure your interview invitation turns into an acceptance!

You'll become an expert on interviews, and learn all the tricks to the dental school interview so they become a breeze. You'll also get access to over 200+ actual dental school interview questions

(That means, you'll ace your interviews and get the acceptance you're after!)

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Not Sure If Predenting Can Get You Accepted To Dental School?

We've successfully coached predentals of all ages, backgrounds, GPAs, and DATs. We'll GIVE YOU the same resources and personalized strategies that have gotten pre-dentals just like you accepted to their dream dental schools.


Success Rate

For 2019/20 Comprehensive Package students. Yes, You're Practically Guaranteed Acceptance With Our Comprehensive Advising

See How Our Advising Is Catered To Help With YOUR Specific Situation...  

Which Of These Best Describes You?

Canadian Applicant
US Applicant
First-Time Applicant
Sub-3.70 GPA Applicant

Non-Traditional Applicant
Second-Career Applicant​
Gap-Year Applicant

Success Stories:

See What Students Say About How Predenting Helped Them Get Accepted To Dental School...

"I used Predenting for my application, and after doing it, the idea of trying the process by myself just seems stupid to me. I would have had to become an expert storyteller, creatively frame things in ways I never would have thought of, and somehow become a master at dental school interviews. It's totally unrealistic. I never had to go through that or years of re-applying because of Andrew and his team!" - Anand Shah

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Predenting Can Do For You?

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Get Into Dental School, With 1-On-1 Coaching For Every Step Of The Application Process.

Write A Catchy Personal Statement That Tells Your Unique Story And Helps Land You An Interview.

Ace Your Dental School Interviews And Get Accepted With Our Expert Interview Coaches. 

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Write A Great Personal Statement
Ace The Application Mini-Prompts

Strategically Answer Supplementals 
Win The Dental School Interview

Accept Your Admissions Offer!

Predenting Gives You THE TOOLS AND STRATEGIES You Need To Get Accepted To Dental School!
Dental school admissions advising CEO
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Allow me to introduce myself... 

Hi, I'm Andrew! CEO and founder of Predenting

Coached 300+ predentals on their personal statement + application + interviews over 4+ years
Accepted to multiple top-7 dental schools in the world. Matriculating at UCLA's School of Dentistry

ADEA National Pre-Dental Liaison & California Pre-Dental Chair.

AADSAS Advisory Board MemberThe only admissions advisor
in the world who is part of the AADSAS Advisory committee, which runs the dental school application service, ADEA AADSAS.

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are Getting Accepted To Dental School By Using Predenting?

Disclaimer: If it's the last mile you need in order to make a decision, we can provide you the contact information for our reviewers. Please respect their time.

"I highly recommend Predenting if you want to succeed in your dental school application process! I am very thankful for all the advice and guidance I received from Andrew and his team. I remember how frustrated I was when I started filling my application; I thought I wasn’t going to get an invitation that cycle, well, I contacted him, and since the first call, I realized they want you to succeed. So far, I have received 13 interview invitations! My first interview invitation was from my dream school, and that is because of you, so I am very grateful for that! The interview coaching is fantastic too! They prepare you well enough to go into the room and answer any question; they make you feel confident and ready. Thank you very much Predenting for saving me money and time!"


- Aldo Segui
8 Acceptances
University of Kentucky College of Dentistry

 "I applied this past cycle and received 5 acceptances. I owe my acceptances to Andrew and his team. I recommend him to anyone who wants help with their personal statement, supplementals, interviews, and anything between. 

I don't think I would've gotten the result I did without their help. They'll guide you through the entire process until you submit an amazing application. I couldn't be more thankful! I am so happy I found you." 


- Lillian H.
5 Acceptances
NYU College of Dentistry

 "My GPA made me worried that I wasn't going to get accepted to any dental schools because my university advisor told me that I didn't have a chance and that I should take 2 gap years to complete a Master's degree or Post-Bacc and bolster my résumé and shadowing hours before applying. I didn't want to take 2 years off, so I gave Andrew's strategies a shot and I ended up with 7 interviews and 6 acceptances, including an acceptance to my dream school, UCSF. Andrew is an excellent mentor who is a master of ethically influencing admissions committees to view you as the perfect applicant."  


- Evan Lapony
6 Acceptances
UCSF School of Dentistry

"I was accepted into my first-choice school, the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, and received a scholarship! I want to thank you very much for taking the time to help me... I was also accepted into 10 other schools and I do not think it would have been possible without your help, so thank you!


University of Florida, LSU, UAB, Case Western Reserve, Tufts, LECOM, NOVA Southeastern, Detroit Mercy, ATSU Arizona, Midwestern AZ 


Thank you again so much!"


- Maya H.
11 Acceptances

“I received an interview invite and reached out to Predenting for help because I was unsure of the interview process and wanted to feel completely confident before the big day. The help I received from Predenting was truly invaluable for my interview. I was able to get coached 1-on-1 on how is best to answer tough questions that could be asked, was given tips that would make me stand out, and every question I had about what to expect was clearly answered. I felt really confident and excited for my interview. At my interview I was able to answer every question clearly and confidently thanks to Andrew, and even was asked a specific, challenging question that he had coached me on. I would recommend this service to anyone who has received an interview, as I was prepared to present myself in the best way possible at my interview thanks to the help and advice I received through Predenting!”


- Kathryne P.
UT Houston

Just some of the schools our clients have been accepted to... 

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Satisfaction & Performance Guarantee: No-questions-asked, 100% performance and satisfaction, 14-day guarantee if you can’t honestly state that your application, in it's entirety, is more strategic, influential, unique and outstanding. If you don’t enjoy results that good or better within the first 14 days of using our service, we don’t deserve to keep your money. 

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get:
What guarantees do you offer?

If, within the first 14 days of using our service, you can honestly say to yourself that you did not learn new strategies that will exponentially increase your chances of acceptance, and if we can’t honestly produce those outcomes for you before the 14th day, then I don’t think we deserve to keep your money, and we'll send it back.

What percentage of Predenting clients get accepted to dental school?

We take great pride in being the only verified dental school admissions consultancy with a 100% acceptance rate (based on comprehensive package students in 2019/2020 cycle). Our proprietary knowledge, industry networks, and team have years of experience that give our clients a unique tactical advantage.

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! Andrew and the Predenting team are available to answer your questions by e-mail, or phone, to make sure you get expert guidance and get accepted to dental school you're first time applying!

How do I get started after purchasing a coaching package?

After purchasing a coaching package, Andrew will reach out to you to set up an intake and begin consulting you on strategies, admissions secrets, and helping you work towards writing the most powerful personal and supplemental statements.

Try Predenting For Free:

No obligations, no contracts.

Write A Great Personal Statement
Ace The Application Mini-Prompts

Strategically Answer Supplementals 
Win The Dental School Interview

Accept Your Admissions Offer!

Predenting Gives You THE TOOLS AND STRATEGIES You Need To Get Accepted To Dental School!