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How Much Does Applying to Dental School Cost?

Getting into dental school is no easy task; gaining admissions requires hurdling through massive time commitments to excel in school, paying for DAT courses and the actual DAT fees, admissions consulting services, flying out to interviews and the accompanying ride share and hotel costs, and a lot more in between.

So when it comes to the actual application process, the AADSAS fees and supplemental school fees are no joke. Here's what you can expect:

  • $285 AADSAS Application fee (which includes sending the application to ONLY ONE SCHOOL)

  • $85 per school AADSAS Application fee for sending your application to each school after the first, free school.

  • $60-$125 per school supplemental application fee.

With that breakdown, the cost of applying to just 10 dental schools quickly becomes staggering, at a price tag around $2000.

Now on top of that, add flight, hotel, ride share and other costs and it becomes clear why applying to 15+ schools is not recommended.

Instead, a curated list that includes a handful of "target" schools, some "safety" schools, and a few "reach" schools should be applied to that fit with your specific profile.

Choosing your list of dental schools can be extremely stressful because there are over 65 dental schools to apply to, and you're already bogged down with your personal statement, getting your letters of recommendation, and completing the AADSAS application to submit your application early in the cycle. My mission is to help 1000 students each application cycle get into the school of their dreams, and I'd love to help you get into the right school for you.

Whether you need help selecting schools to apply to, help with your personal statement, or interview advice, PreDenting is the #1 dental school admissions coaching service. Check out the "services" tab to find out how PreDenting can help secure your seat in your dream dental school.

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