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Get help writing a personal statement that grabs the admissions committee's attention, engages them in your story, and gets you accepted!

Do You Know You Can Get Accepted to Dental School by using Predenting's 1-on-1 Personal Statement Advising?

Do you ever wonder why thousands of dental school applicants get rejected each year?

Here's the secret... Your personal statement can make or break your dental school application. I know that because I was in your shoes not too long ago, and I'm now at UCLA's School of Dentistry, an ADEA Representative, and have a network of dental school admissions faculty who have been providing me with insider information since 2014.


I know exactly what dental school admissions committees are looking for.

Let me explain: As a predental applicant, you know the personal statement is a major component of whether you get accepted or rejected. By having an admissions insider who has successfully navigated the process, been accepted to the most competitive dental schools in the world, and has guided 100+ other pre-dentals, you can achieve similar success and secure your acceptances without wasting years of your life re-applying.

And let's face it, if you don't submit an extraordinary personal statement, you're going to get rejected. 

I work with a lot of students who were rejected once, twice, and even three times! Here's what they received in the mail because they underestimated the cut-throat admissions process and they chose not to work with me the first time around...

The big question on my clients mind is ... how can I overcome a personal statement that leads to rejection? 

Many clients come to me worried about their personal statement with just a few weeks to submit their application, or devastated about being rejected. They don't want to fail again.

I've been working with admissions teams since 2014, and testing the best strategies for successful personal statements with my students for years.

I've went through the process myself and attend one of the most competitive dental schools in the world - UCLA's School of Dentistry. 

I've helped transform 100+ predentals lives, have a 100% 5-star rating, and have been quoted in university newsletters about dental admissions, at some of the best schools in the US.

What I've discovered is that an outstanding personal statement can help get someone accepted to 5+ dental schools, who would otherwise have about a 0% chance of acceptance.

I've also seen people with 3.9+ GPAs and 24 DAT scores get rejected because their personal statement was completed in an ill-advised manner.

It Took me Years to Learn How to Get Accepted to Dental School , but I Have Finally Perfected the System and Want to Share My Years of Experience and Insider Information with You

Now, you can get accepted to dental school too!

With my Personal Statement Advising, you'll get 1-on-1 brainstorming to develop your unique story into an engaging personal statement that flows well, and then h

Here's What You're Going to Get with Personal Statement Advising:

Allow me to introduce myself... 

Hey there, I'm Andrew! CEO and founder of Predenting

Coached dozens of predentals on their personal statement + application + interviews 


Accepted to multiple top-7 dental schools in the world. Matriculating at UCLA's School of Dentistry.

ADEA Representative & featured in university newsletters for dental school admissions

Helping pre-dentals get accepted to dental school for 4+ years

I believe the right coach can change your life. My mission is to help pre-dentals get into their dream dental school by using the 93+ strategies for admissions success that I've created over the years.


My promise to you is that I'll help you write a phenomenal personal statement AND guide you along the way until you have a personal statement that helps make you an undeniable applicant.

Here's What You're Going to Get with Personal Statement Advising:

While other admissions services simply read your essay and provide grammatical edits, I know that does not transform a personal statement. I advise with one goal in mind - to leave the admissions committee wanting to meet you - an interview!
Brainstorming to find your best story to convey your unique candidacy
A catchy introduction and hook to immediately captivate the admissions teams with your story
Highlight what admissions teams are looking for to portray yourself as an "A+" candidate
Structure that seamlessly flows from one story to the next, to portray your candidacy the right way
Extensive revisions, suggestions, and edits, to take your personal statement from good to great
Polishing for creativity, grammar, style, and wording until you have a perfect essay

If you're applying to dental school, and want a way to stand out and multiply your acceptances, you need an outstanding personal statement. Our personal statement system leverages 4 critical stages:

Brainstorming to discover your most unique and compelling story that (so you include what admissions officers are looking for).

The personal statement tactics to easily write, and capture admissions faculty attention, so you get invited to interview.

Revisions and edits to add the beauty of writing to your personal statement, to portray yourself as the best applicant.

Strategies from admissions officers so you ace your personal statement and get accepted.

See What Predentals Are Saying About Our Dental School Personal Statement Advising

"I highly recommend Predenting if you want to succeed in your dental school application process! I am very thankful for all the advice and guidance I received from Andrew and his team..." 


- Aldo Segui

"I would view it as an investment that will pay huge dividends. I couldn’t be happier with my results. If you're applying to a graduate program, I highly recommend Predenting! They’ll get you results that nobody else will..." 


- William B.

"Predenting was a blessing during my dental school application. Applications can get really hectic especially when it comes to writing the personal statement, and that's what got me to seek Andrew's help. I chose the personal statement package, and can vouch for Andrew’s immense level of concern and willingness to help pre-dental applicants, as he provided me with a lot more assistance than what I paid for. Apart from just helping me with the personal statement, he answered any questions I had regarding the application, what schools to choose, and interviews, which really helped. The way he guided me through this entire application process was something I was not expecting to get at such a reasonable cost.


I truly thank Andrew and his team for their help, and having used these services, I highly recommend Predenting to all the pre-dental students out there. Trust me, you won't regret it!"

Sana Zafar
Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Lillian H.
NYU College of Dentistry
6 acceptances

"Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with a different company that offered admissions advising before finding Andrew. The application process was stressful, and I owe my acceptances to Andrew. I

want to recommend him to anyone who wants help with their personal statement, supplementals, interviews, and anything between! He helped me with my entire application, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I don’t think I would have gotten the results I did without his help. He is friendly, patient, an expert on personal statements, and an expert on the admissions process.


He’ll guide you through the entire process until you submit an amazing application. With his help I got 6 acceptances!"

"I remember how frustrated I was when I started my application; I thought I wasn’t going to get an acceptance, so I contacted Predenting. So far, I've received 13 interview invitations! My first interview invitation was from my dream school, and that is because of them, so I am very grateful for that! The interview coaching is fantastic too! They prepare you well enough to go into the room and answer any question; they make you feel confident and ready.


I highly recommend Predenting if you want to succeed in your dental school application process! I am very thankful for all the guidance I received from Andrew and his team."

Aldo Segui

Kentucky College of Dentistry

8 acceptances

Personal Statement Mastery Packages


Essay Reviews, Revisions, and Edits

Recommendations on the use of alternative words and grammar styles

Advice on flow of ideas and organization of your essay

Extensive structure & organizational review

Text or call your mentor as questions come up while you write

1-on-1 brainstorming to develop your unique story

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Suggestions on what to highlight and what to exclude from your essay (red-flag analysis)











Nothing-to-Lose Guarantee

Satisfaction & Performance Guarantee: You have nothing to lose. We guarantee your personal statement will be transformed into being more outstanding, unique, and influential. You can try the service for 15 days, and if you don't think it's working, we'll just give you your money back, no harm, no hassle. We've helped 100+ pre-dentals and we know that we can help you. 

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